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“In the Key of Chi”

The Medical Department of WOMA shall serve the family and community at large thru applicable health related programs. We shall focus upon our family’s needs, suggestions and inquiries for understanding how to raise our standards of the Medical Department, as we go forward. If there is a war to be waged here, we must begin by acknowledging the real enemy that is keeping us from our prospering in good health and longevity. Our great Sages have said it best; “The greatest warrior is the one that defeats him-self”. Chi-Tree Society now wishes to extend this knowledge of its healing arts and science as a practical format and learning application for the WOMA Medical health Department to fight the war on personal destruction by arming us with the ammunition and technology for good health. As head of this department, I, Master Israel, D.O.M., accept the obligation and responsibility to help, teach, uplift and extend these principles in alignment and agreement with the integrity of WOMA, (The next Generation), created by Shihan Dell Sharpe.


Soke Michael McGann states that; “In Wa No Michi Ryu Karate KoBudo, we try to work beyond our limitations by extending our capabilities”. Chi-Tree provides the parameters upon which to extend these capabilities. Soke Mcgann also stated that; “the Mind, body and spirit are an integral part of healing and can’t be separated from the whole. To master any one area of Martial arts you must equally develop all three of these areas”. Chi-Tree teaches that: Good health is based upon the constitution of the - mind, body, and spirit which directly correlates and adjusts to one’s optimal level of achievement.


I have taught for many years from children and novice to other healthcare professionals, using my various, graphs, categories and subject material, from my system, utilizing the format I created called the; “Keys of Chi”, which set the ground-work for any medical discussion approached in holistic medicine. It is my desire to present WOMA’s health care disciplines, to all of its members, affiliates and any or all other disciplines in the mixed martial arts associations. These applications of learning will serve to improve their understanding of holistic healing, thus promoting good health, wellness and longevity. This department will help to elevate and improve the skills, techniques and mastery of practitioners in whatever their chosen styles and practices, from these simplistic diagnostic, self-healing and promoting healthcare methods. It is not the intentions of this department to segregate any one product or company, but instill the principals for good health, nutrition and vitality, thereby establishing a better individual conscious awareness. This will give a greater credence to any and all product vendors.


Chi-Tree recognizes that any perfusion of blood; unblocking, purging, nourishing, regulating & promoting functions are a manifestation of energy thru thought, intentions or actions and are manifested by Chi. e.g. “When a person learns to assess, utilize and understand this truth, the very being responds to it. The life-force and healing become immediately transformed thru Chi, for it is part of all that is.


Chi Allogy states that, Chi is: “the Creator’s Hand’s Illuminated”,

thereby supplying the Life-force energy behind all mental, spiritual, physical and intellectual manifestations of life!


Chi-Tree’s Adage is:

“Awaken the Physician Within by searching Within, and you will never be Without”!

Purpose:  To Educate, Teach and provide the mechanics of Nutritional, Emotional and Internal Chi modalities

  1. To inform and present self-healing modalities to the WOMA family on how to revitalize, restore and help maintain the longevity and health of the village.

  • Accomplished by workshops, self-healing educational seminars, patient information and literature

  1. To be an example to the world of what it means to help, educate, uplift and take care of our own.

  2. WOMA’s Chi-Tree Medical Department’s total holistic approach to healthcare and wellness begins with ministering an awareness of the individual’s emotional and physical attitude that is linked to dis-ease and poor energy that will eliminate anti-aging stressors.

  3. To align ourselves with our Country’s proposed efforts to integrate the principles of self-healing, maintenance, and balancing your personal health thru prevention and Wellness programs.

  4. To educate in the natural science fields of; Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.


Dust can only settle where air does not flow or move!

Functions: Teaching:

  1. Medical Chi-Tree exercises: is the art and science of using breath, movement, mind and meditation to cleanse, circulate the blood and strengthen the body’s vital life-force energies.

  2. The basic theories of internal Chi, blood, essence and emotions related to the internal organs.

  3. Meridian therapy of Channel, points and functions 

  4. Human Anatomy and general related pathology

  5. Teach Food fundamentals and Ethno botany

  6. A vibrational approach to exercise, meditation and healing thru music therapy

  7. These theories will help with; weight loss, digestive disorders, stress and pain management etc.

  • These can also at different times be individual classes


A feeling of sickness or disparity is the recognition of unsmooth flow of Chi!


Goals: Short Term and Long Term

Short Term:

  1. Seminars: (basic theory classes), teaching observation, diagnosis, organ and emotional relationships

  2. connecting with members and setting up a base of communication, (personally and electronically)         

Long Term:

  1. a). Design a health care program that can serve both as healing and teaching centers for illness and counseling. b). To create some form of internal Insurance program for all members.

  2. Community Wellness Health Day Programs

  3. Seminars: (for advanced theory classes)

  4. To train, certify and authorize students of the WOMA Medical Department to become liaisons for their local dojo, school or organization.

  5. To have a completely stocked mobile unit to attend to the infirmed, bed-ridden, dis-abled and those who WOMA has indicated as in need of these services.


When blood flows thru the veins freely, Disease cannot find a home!


Mission Statement: WOMA’s medical department believes in Diversity, Quality, Unity, Knowledge and Understanding. To help another, motivate another, treat another, love another by first learning to love and understand oneself in a holistic manner. To promote, understand and utilize the keys for improving one’s personal Mental, Physical and Spiritual health. The primary mission is to offer an education that teaches prevention and wellness while providing excellent alternative medical health care choices. The WOMA family wishes to extend this knowledge and understanding to help us grow as a healthy village.


Quickness, strength, agility and daring are seen in the young, but true power is shown in the charisma, technical form, diligence, dedication and experience of the aged.

It’s the elder’s responsibility to guide, direct and instill the wisdom

to those who will become the teachers of tomorrow! ©Master Israel, D.O.M.



Our integrity is only as great as our ability to adjust and change. It has been said; that if you build a field, they will come. I say where we begin, the rest will follow. Therefore, we shall endeavor to enrich, motivate, and enhance other’s lives by learning and spreading this knowledge and understanding that WOMA has provided us and to all that are in need. “We will begin with one-self to enhance our family and village as a reflection for our nation and to the world”.


When a person loves, shares, appreciates and respects life that life is given longevity and fullness.

Your Attitude can make the difference in your Health!

©Master Israel, D.O.M.

(Chi-Tree Society is the embodiment of Chi Allogy, LLC)

*** This Document is submitted and created by Sensei A.D. Israel, D.O.M. 6/24/14 ***

Note: For all question’s and information please contact Shifu A.D. Israel,