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Know the Difference between "having" a Black Belt,

and "being" a Black Belt

( We are Looking For Regional and Country Directors anyone interested must apply send Bio and Resume to .womausa01@aol.com ) Please Understand with Great Power comes Great Responsibility.


World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts is an elite group of martial artists from around the world.  We carefully select members to ensure that our brotherhood is made up of only legitimate martial artists. 


Our purpose is to unite the styles of the world into a brotherhood that all can learn from and grow to be stronger.  We push ourselves to get better and learn more everyday so that the students we teach and represent will grow into the next generation of great masters.


Our Founder, Grandmaster Jack "Papasan" Stern started this Organization way back in 1960 and we continue to carry the legacy into the new generation.

© 1964 World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts

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